Development and design of concrete and hybrid (concrete/steel) wind turbine towers

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Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) is the partner of choice for customers looking for solutions to meet the challenges of modern wind energy.

The present development of offshore wind farms is using larger wind turbines (bigger rated capacity) which means the wind turbine hub heights need to be increased. A technical solution to achieve this objective and a cheaper alternative to steel towers is using fully concrete or hybrid (concrete/steel) towers).

The advantages of increased hub heights using concrete or hybrid towers are numerous:

  • Taller towers can tap into stronger wind resources that exist at higher levels, beyond the reach of today’s typical wind turbines.
  • Reduces interference from trees, buildings and other topographical features plus provides additional clearance needed for longer blades—all of which increases energy capture per wind turbine.
  • Use larger rotor diameters to sweep more area, capture more wind, and produce more electricity.
  • Does not require specialised transport because concrete sections are small. Steel tower sections are long and have large diameters so very difficult to transport from factory to site via normal infrastructure with respect to bridges, road signs, tunnels, flyovers so permissions required and transport at night when road traffic is light.
  • Can be manufactured in-country or at site creating local employment.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • No maintenance.
  • Proven technology – no risk to investors.

The solutions which we develop are designed for the future. Our concrete tower and foundation designs provide the new impulses which are needed by the market in the field of renewable energies. We offer the following services:

  • Development and design of wind turbine concrete and hybrid (concrete/steel) towers (including moulds), management of third-party certification, manufacture (quality control/build coordination) and management of transportation and installation of concrete and hybrid towers.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) expertise for the manufacture, transportation and installation of concrete and hybrid towers including quality assurance auditing to ensure design and certification compliance / build integration role during the tower manufacture, transportation and installation.
  • Use of in-house cost estimating tool for design, third-party certification manufacture, transportation and installation of concrete and hybrid towers (including moulds) using data based on projects we have worked on around the world plus owning multiple patents protected segmented concrete tower IP.

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) is the partner of choice for customers looking for an integrated approach to supply chain, engineering and installation.

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) offers the technology to reach high hub heights, allowing more energy to be produced!

The development of larger and higher wind turbines is a global trend in the fast-growing wind energy market. At the same time, wind farm owners aim to decrease their energy costs. This can be achieved by increasing the hub height.