Advanced Tower Systems / Mecal

Mecal/ATS was founded in 1989 in Enschede, initially specializing in calculations and analysis.Over time, our focus shifted toward conducting calculations for wind turbines. Today, ATS leads important projects, especially in biodiversity and oyster bank restoration.

The North Sea has been facing problems such as habitat damage and loss of various types of marine life. There used to be a lot of oyster banks in the North Sea, but their numbers have declined due to things like overfishing, pollution and habitat change. Recognizing how important oyster banks are to marine life, ATS has taken a special role in restoring them.

Restoring oyster banks in the North Sea is a great project that involves using new technologies and smart efforts to take care of nature. Because oysters are like natural cleaners, improving the water quality by removing pollutants and producing a good habitat for other marine creatures. How we work to restore them involves using a small, minimally invasive product designed to distribute oyster larvae across the seabed, thereby enhancing their chances of survival. For this special project we collaborate with organizations such as Wageningen Marine Research and De Rijke Noordzee.

ATS also designs specific scour protection solutions, stabling structures from seabed erosion and promoting biodiversity. This sustainable approach contributes to green energy and wildlife conservation by combining biodiversity enhancement with structure protection.

In this project, Mecal/ATS provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) expertise for biodiversity-enhancing scour protection.

We strive for the lowest carbon footprint through local production and careful material selection.

Additionally, ATS provides advanced solutions for offshore wind farms to meet the demand for larger turbines with increased hub heights. Concrete or hybrid towers offer several advantages, including access to stronger wind resources, reduced interference, and easy, cost-effective transport. ATS’s reliable technology gives investors confidence.

We offer services for every stage of tower development, from design to installation. This makes them the top choice for complete supply chain, engineering, and installation solutions.