Biodiversity enhanced scour protection

What is scour protection?

“Scour protection at monopiles is a critical aspect that ensures the safety of offshore wind farms. Scour refers to the erosion of the seabed sediments around the monopile or other structures. The protection is designed to prevent erosion around any structures. It involves the use of materials and techniques to protect these structures from the erosional effect of currents, waves, and tides, ensuring their stability and longevity.”

What do we do?

“Mecal / ATS develops scour protection solutions dedicated to the circumstances at the specific location; the scour protection solution aims to create a win-win scenario by safeguarding both the monopile or structure against seabed sediments erosion and promoting biodiversity. This approach contributes to a sustainable solution for green energy and wildlife conservation. Mecal / ATS combines biodiversity enhancement with the protection of the structure. 

Mecal/ATS contributes to this project by providing expertise in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM). of the biodiversity-enhancing scour protection.

With potentially local production and a critical selection of used materials Mecal / ATS attains the lowest carbon footprint possible.