ATS offers the technology to reach high hub heights (90 – 160 m), allowing more energy to be produced!

The development of larger and higher wind turbines is a global trend in the fast-growing wind energy market. At the same time, wind farm owners aim to decrease their energy costs. This can be achieved by increasing the hub height. However, doing so implies an extra investment
that will be justified thanks to a higher average wind speed and more production hours.

Larger wind turbines require larger tower dimensions. The conventional tubular steel towers are extremely hard to transport over land, especially if their diameter is over 4.3m. Moreover, current steel prices make large steel towers very expensive.

ATS has developed a new tower concept as an economically and logistically attractive alternative to steel towers. The ATS tower is THE solution for wind turbines of 1.5 MW or more, at hub heights of 160m and more.

ATS hybrid tower

The patented hybrid tower combines a pre-cast concrete segmented tower with tubular steel sections on top. The lower tower sections, which require a diameter bigger
than the 4.3m transport limit, are vertically divided into three or more slender segments made of high-quality precast concrete. The segments can be easily transported via ordinary trucks. The installation of the entire tower takes less than a week and can be done under most weather conditions.

The cost of ATS hybrid towers are comparable to those of other tower concepts. ATS towers turn out to be commercially attractive for large wind turbines, but also for ‘smaller’ turbines (1.5-2 MW, 75-100m), especially in those countries where the transportation of steel towers is problematic and where the concrete segments can be produced locally instead.